is one of the leading manufacturers of conveyor and elevator chains, sprockets and slats not only in the country but also in the sub-continent. We supply conveyor chain across all sectors like Sugar, Cement, Chemical and Fertilizers, Automobile, electronics and other Heavy Industries.

Neeraj Kalia, the founder and chairman of the firm, established this firm in 1989. He started this firm with only one assistant. Before incorporating this firm, he had a vast experience of this trade, mainly in marketing and production. With this experience and a strong determination, he has developed this organisation as one of the leading manufacturers of conveyor and elevator chains in the country.

The company has a state of the art manufacturing facility with the latest technology, machinery and processes along with a team of qualified engineers and highly skilled technicians to monitor the production. It has a team of ancillary units, whose production is monitored and inspected by our engineers.

Performance, providing our customers value for money and quality assurance is our top priority. To ensure this we have a well-developed and established system to achieve our goal of high quality, on time delivery and minimum rejections.
Delivering strategic, creative and technical interactive products to our clients.
Providing on time, value for money and as per agreed specifications products.
Thorough project planning, teamwork and clear communication are at the core of all products we manufacture.
Meeting these objectives helps our clients, our staff and our company to grow and be successful while remaining true to our ounding   principle: to be a good place to work and a good place to do business.
Establishing ourselves as the most trusted brand among conveyor chain manufacturers in terms of quality not only in India  but   also    in the subcontinent.
Achieving a holistic growth of the organisation, i.e. growth of everyone directly and indirectly associated with our firm including    clients, employees and business associates.